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How to Renew

Families must renew their CHIP or Children's Medicaid coverage every year. In the months before a child’s coverage is due to end, HHSC will send the family a renewal packet in the mail. The renewal packet contains an application. It also includes a letter asking for an update on the family’s income and cost deductions. The family needs to:

  • Look over the information on the renewal application.
  • Fix any information that is not correct.
  • Sign and date the application.
  • Look at the health plan options, if Medicaid health plans are available.
  • Return the renewal application and documents of proof by the due date.

Once HHSC receives the renewal application and documents of proof, staff checks to see if the children in the family still qualify for their current program or if they qualify for a different program. If a child is referred to another program (Medicaid or CHIP), HHSC sends the family a letter telling them about the referral and then looks to see if the child can get benefits in the other program. If the child qualifies, the coverage in the new program (Medicaid or CHIP) begins the month following the last month of the other program’s coverage. During renewal, the family can pick new medical and dental plans by calling the CHIP/Children’s Medicaid call center at 1-800-964-2777.  

Completing the Renewal Process
When children still qualify for coverage in their current program (CHIP or Medicaid), HHSC will send the family a letter showing the start date for the new coverage period. If the children qualify for CHIP and an enrollment fee is due, the family must pay the enrollment fee by the due date or risk losing the coverage.

CHIP renewal is complete when the family:

  • Pays any enrollment fee due by the due date.
  • If the family changes their medical or dental plan, then they must sign and send the appropriate Enrollment/Transfer Form to HHSC showing the change.

If HHSC receives and processes the CHIP enrollment fee before the cutoff in the 12th month of coverage, then new coverage begins without interruption on the first day of the following month. If HHSC does not get the enrollment fee in time, then new coverage will not begin until the first day of the following month.

Medicaid renewal is complete when the family signs and sends to HHSC the appropriate Enrollment / Transfer Form if the family picks a new medical or dental plan.