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Things You Should Know

There’s one application for CHIP, Children’s Medicaid, and CHIP perinatal. HHSC will look at the information the family puts on the application form and decide if the children in the family qualify for CHIP, Children’s Medicaid, or neither. In most cases, the decision is based on family size and income guidelines. Families will need to turn in an application to see if their children qualify for one of these programs.

How the Application Process Works:

  1. See if the children might qualify.
    See our income limit chart or more detailed eligibility requirements.
  2. The family fills out and submits an application.
    Please note - it can take up to 45 days for HHSC to process an application. The family can check where their application is in the process by calling 2-1-1 or by accessing their case information at
  3. If the children are able to get CHIP or Medicaid, HHSC will mail the family an enrollment packet.
    The packet will have information about the medical and dental plans and doctors and dentists available in the area where the family lives.
  4. The family chooses the children's medical plan and main doctor and dental plan and main dentist.
    Plans and providers are different in each service area.
  5. The family must renew coverage every 12 months for CHIP and Children’s Medicaid.
    HHSC will send families a renewal notice three months before their coverage is scheduled to end.