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Qualifying for CHIP/Children's Medicaid

The screening tool on this website tells me that my kids might qualify for CHIP. Does that mean you’ll approve my application?

The only way we can tell if your children can get CHIP or Children’s Medicaid is by looking at the information you give us on your application form. You have to apply to be approved. Apply now online.
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I’m divorced. The court says I am supposed to provide health insurance for my kids, but I don’t have a job. Can I apply for CHIP/Children’s Medicaid for my children?

Yes, if you live with the children at least half the time and provide for them, you can apply. To learn more, call 2-1-1. When you call, pick a language and then, press 2.

My children are 19 and 21 years old, but they still are full-time students. Can they still get CHIP coverage?

No. CHIP only covers children age 18 and younger. You might want to see what’s available through This is a site sponsored by the Texas Department of Insurance, and it has information for people looking for affordable health insurance.

My husband lost his job and is getting unemployment benefits. Can I apply for CHIP/Children’s Medicaid while he is on unemployment? If so, how do I send proof of that income with the application?

You can send us a copy of the letter the Texas Workforce Commission sent your husband telling him he would receive unemployment benefits. If he does not have that letter but you have online access to your unemployment debit account, you can print out a statement showing the amount deposited and how often it is deposited.

My children have health insurance but the premiums and co-payments are really expensive. Can I sign them up for CHIP/Children’s Medicaid?

CHIP is designed for children who do not have access to other health insurance. Your children might qualify if their current health insurance coverage costs more than 10% of the family’s gross income (the money you are paid before taxes and deductions).

To learn more about CHIP/Children’s Medicaid, call 2-1-1. When you call, pick a language and then, press 2.

I’m 7 months pregnant. Can I apply for CHIP now so that when my baby is born she’ll be covered?

If you have other children you can apply at any time. If this is your first child, you can only apply now if you apply for the CHIP perinatal services. This is coverage for your unborn baby during your pregnancy and after birth. If you have health insurance that already covers your pregnancy, you can't get CHIP perinatal coverage. Otherwise, you can start working on your application now and send it to us after your baby is born. Apply now or ask for an application by calling 2-1-1. When you call, pick a language and then, press 2.

My children do not qualify for CHIP or Children’s Medicaid, but they need to see a doctor. What can I do?

You can dial 2-1-1 and find out if there are any services in your town that can help you. 2-1-1 has a long list of local services, both free and low-cost, for people in need. When you call, pick a language and then, press 1. You also can search online at Click on “Search for Services.”

I’ve looked at the CHIP income guidelines and I know our income is too high to qualify for the program. Do you know what other options we have for getting low-cost health insurance for our kids?

You can get information about private heath insurance at the Texas Department of Insurance website, You can also call 1-800-252-3439 to ask them about other insurance options that might be available.

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