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Questions about CHIP coverage

Would CHIP cover braces for my kids’ teeth?

No. Orthodontics (braces) are not covered by the CHIP/Children’s Medicaid program. Many other dental services are covered. Call your CHIP dental plan for information on what dental services are covered.

What if I want to change my child’s CHIP health plan? Can I do that?

The only times you are able to change your child’s CHIP medical or dental plans are:

  • Within the first 90 days from the time your child’s CHIP coverage starts;
  • When you renew your child’s CHIP coverage; or
  • If you move out of your CHIP service area.

Call CHIP/Children’s Medicaid toll-free at 1-800-964-2777.

I need dental insurance for my children. I noticed that CHIP has dental insurance, but also includes medical, which we do not need. Is there a way to get just the dental portion?

No. CHIP does not offer dental coverage as a separate plan.

My baby is due in 7 months. Does CHIP offer coverage for my unborn child?

Yes. CHIP perinatal coverage provides prenatal benefits for unborn babies and full CHIP coverage for babies’ first few months of life. Learn more, or call CHIP/Children’s Medicaid by dialing 2-1-1. When you call, pick a language and then, press 2. 

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