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The place to apply online for CHIP / Children's Medicaid, and get information about your case if you're approved, is This is the same website you can use to apply for other state benefit programs such as SNAP food benefits and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Families approved for CHIP or Children's Medicaid can set up an account at and use the site to pick their children's medical and dental plans, pick their kids' doctor and dentist, keep track of their health-related expenses, and pay their CHIP enrollment fee (if they owe one).

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Find A Medical Plan
See plans and providers available in your area.

Find A Dental Plan
See dental plans that serve children with CHIP or Children’s Medicaid.

CHIP/HIPAA Privacy Notice
Your child has a right to privacy. This notice tells you how HHSC may share facts about your child’s health care and how you can find out what facts are being shared.