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Previous Coverage

A child who enrolls in CHIP for the first time after being covered by private health insurance can expect to have a 90-day waiting period before CHIP coverage begins.

There are exceptions:

The 90-day waiting period does not apply to children who lost insurance coverage because:

  • Their parents separated, divorced, or got remarried.
  • A parent died.
  • A parent lost the family's health insurance they had through work.
  • A parent's COBRA benefits ended
  • The Texas Employees Retirement System no longer covers the child.
  • A parent's employer stopped offering dependent health coverage

The 90-day waiting period also does not apply to the following children:

  • A child who has special health care needs.
  • A child who lost CHIP coverage in another state.
  • A child who lost coverage in Medicaid, CHIP, or any health insurance affordability program. This includes health insurance plans found on the website offering premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions.
  • A child whose health insurance premium costs more than 5 percent of the family's gross income.
  • A child whos family health insurance premium that includes the child is more than 9.5 percent of the family's income.

In addition, HHSC can waive the 90-day waiting period if the agency determines a good cause exists based on facts in the application or information HHSC gets from other sources.